RPM Discs Team Announcement

Team page up and running.

Massive shout out to Logan Gillard for all the hard work he has put into making RPM’s team more visible to our supporters. Please check out all our Touring players and Ambassadors by following the links on the Team Page in the Menu bar. You will be able to find out more about our players from the questionnaires and track players progress on the results section. Don’t forget to follow us on the RPM Facebook and Instagram pages too.

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Team RPM has had many new enthusiastic and talented players join Tribe this 2022 season. Already we have seen amazing work and representation by these new members. A big shout out to you all and a public welcome aboard. We look forward to working with you and seeing your accomplishments throughout the year. 


Seth Humphrey is one of RPM Discs’s new Tribe members of the 2022 disc golf season. Already he has played nine PDGA tournaments this year, five of them in April. He shot a 2 under par at the Brangus One Round Challenge to take first place in the Amature division, shooting a round rating of 983. In three of his other tournaments he placed in the top 5 of his division. 

He is ever improving, and we can expect to see his name making many more appearances on the Team Achievements for the months to follow.

Team Achievements – April (Part 1 of 2) 2022

Team RPM had an astonishing 2 weeks of success this first half of April. We had so many top finishers, we had to adjust the template just to accommodate for the amount of names! It is awesome to see from our team, and we can expect to see more as the Northern Hemisphere starts to come into summertime this year. 

Team Achievements – March.2 2022

We saw a lot of success from both Team Parliament and Tribe in the second half of March. Congratulations on a great performance everyone. Keep up the great work.

MICHAEL HOLLAND – Player Spotlight: March.1

Michael Holland is one of Team RPM’s new Tribe members for 2022 and he is here to impress! Over the course of the last two and a half months, Michael has claimed three 1st places and four top 5s out of 8 tournaments already! He is quickly improving his PDGA rating, having jumped from 908 to 932 in just a month. Michael is a player that knows that ‘practice makes progress’ and I am sure we are going to see him featured on many more Team Achievement posts throughout this year.

Team Achievements: March.1 2022

The start of March was an exciting time for us here in New Zealand with the 2022 National Championships. Many members of Team RPM travelled to compete in Wellington, with Levi Stout and Simon Feasey placing in the top 3 for the MPO division. What an great tournament to watch online! 

MICHELE SIMPSON – Player Spotlight: Feb.2

Michele (Meesh) Simpson won first place at the Makaripi tournament in Rotorua that took place 19th Feb – 20th Feb. On all three rounds she shot above her current PDGA rating despite it being her first time properly playing the course. Meesh has been an up and coming star in New Zealand Disc Golf since she started playing in 2020, having won 7/9 PDGA tournaments to date. 

Team Achievements – Feb.2 2022

Second half of February we saw heaps of great tournaments played by our team. Many names are making frequent appearances at the top of the leaderboard. This is shaping up to be a very eventful year!

NOAH OSBORNE – Player Spotlight: Feb.1 2022

Noah Osborne is Team Parliament’s top rating player, holding a rating of above 1000 for 4 consecutive years. On the 5th Feb 2022, Noah took out the Premier Design: Rogersville Ice Bowl and Chili Cookoff! tournament with style, shooting 27 under par.

Team Achievements Feb.1 2022 – Team RPM

For our first fortnightly post of February we see Levi Stout take the South Island Champs in New Zealand competing in the MPO division for the first time, with an impressive 12 under par. Meanwhile, in Tennessee US, Noah Osborne throws a 27 under par to claim first place in the Premier Design: Rogersville Ice Bowl and Chili Cookoff! MPO tournament. 

LEVI STOUT – Player Spotlight: January 2022

The 2022 Disc Golf season has started with a bang for Levi Stout, as he takes the MPO division head on for the first time, despite being a junior. In the South Island of New Zealand, Levi has already claimed two MPO first place victories with The Hyzlander Tournament, as well as the South Island Championships (The Southern Smash)- shooting 22 and 12 under par. 

JACKSON SULLIVAN – Player Spotlight: January 2022

Jackson (Jacko) Sullivan had an impressive 1st place win at the New Zealand North Island Championships that took place 21st Jan to 23rd Jan at Bella Rakha Retreat Centre and Bethells (Pae o Te Rangi). It was Jacko’s first event in 7 months and he came back with a statement, shooting 18 under par despite a healing knee injury.