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When/how did you discover disc golf and knew you absolutely loved it?

I first discovered disc golf in 2000 when I was travelling in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a long time before I ever played again. I have always loved frisbee and for a number of years once I found “frisbee golf” in Auckland, I was playing with frisbees. It was a hobby sport that I enjoyed every time I played it, albeit infrequently. My game improved more recently once I discovered proper discs.

What’s your favourite RPM Disc in your bag right now and why?

Tui Strata. It was the first real disc I threw with. It came out of my starter pack, and as I had two girlfriends who wanted to play, they used my mid-range and my driver, so I became attached to the Tui.

Do you have any practice routines? If so, what are they?

I have a small field a few streets behind where I live. Sometimes I stop on my way home and throw every disc I have a couple of times.

What are your goals for the current season?

I have my first ever competition coming up in August. Aiming to have healed a compressed nerve in time to play at my best.

Do you have a proudest disc golf moment?

Playing doubles at Bella Rahka. Whilst I was only able to throw a third the distance of the rest of the group, I still managed to hold my own and score a couple of shots in there that were top shots.

What is the most memorable disc golf battle you’ve experienced/witnessed?

I am still too new to this aspect of disc golf, so it is still to come.

What is your go to tip for disc golf beginners?

Practice for ten minutes, then watch a video with tips on what you are practicing. Then get back out there and practice for another ten-fifteen minutes, and see the improvement.

If you could play any course in the world and bring along any 3 disc golf friends, where and who would it be?

I read recently there is an Island Åland that is going to create 16 different courses on it’s land. That sounds super exciting! Would love to take my best friend and a couple of my RPM team mates (they will know what to throw best at each hole haha!).

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