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Birth Year

Year Started Disc Golf

When/how did you discover disc golf and knew you absolutely loved it?

Waiheke Island with Nigel Barnwell, Brett Hailstone and Murray Brett

What’s your favourite RPM Disc in your bag right now and why?

Argh, all of them…some of my favs i dont throw anymore….but for now my 1R Atomic Ruru

Do you have any practice routines? If so, what are they?

Whats practice?

What are your goals for the current season?

More fishing

Do you have a proudest disc golf moment?

The hot round on a Sunday at a windy Waitawa tourney a few years back, beating out some better players than me incl Jacko

What is the most memorable disc golf battle you’ve experienced/witnessed?

Many battles over the years with Mike Proctor

What is your go to tip for disc golf beginners?

Have fun and keep your disc flat

If you could play any course in the world and bring along any 3 disc golf friends, where and who would it be?

RPM Team, Simon, Jacko and Marty. Bear Mountain Colorado with Dan Hart

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