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"Gotta pay the troll toll to get the disc in the hole" - Big Jerm watching someone throw under a bridge
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When/how did you discover disc golf and knew you absolutely loved it?
I went to the park with a few friends with one starter set between us. We all had a good time. They returned to their normal lives and from that moment I haven't gone a day without thinking about disc golf.
What’s your favourite RPM Disc in your bag right now and why?
Ruru in cosmic plastic. It's an outstanding throwing putter. Amazingly torque resistant. Very reliably straight. In a lot of ways I think it does what a good straight mid range should do. I don't love putting with it and I don't have a particular shot in mind where I would commonly use is but boy does it get some use.
Do you have any practice routines? If so, what are they?
My girlfriend will tell you I spend most of my time in the living room working tirelessly by practising my form with a towel. I love working with a towel because you can feel the whip on it and you know when you have hit the sweet spot. I also putt for hours (currently in my driveway until I move to a house with a bigger backyard). I'm also the guy who's known for emptying his bag playing hole 1 and 2 over and over and over at my local.
What are your goals for the current season?
For 2023 I want to finish out the year in ma2 and put myself in a position to move to ma1 at some point in 2024. I also want to be able to throw 130m consistently. I'm nearly there. But if I want to compete with the big boys I need those birdie looks on the long holes.
Do you have a proudest disc golf moment?
Winning the WA Open in MA3 without a doubt. I caught fire. Would have won MA2 by a mile as well. On day 2 my score was better than every single player apart from a handful of MPOs. I just hit a Zen state for 3 days.
What is the most memorable disc golf battle you’ve experienced/witnessed?
Unfortunately, all my wins have been by 8 or more shots. I just either crush it or don't win. I'm yet to test my mettle in a battle down to the wire. But the MPO battle at the WA Open this year gave me goosebumps. Unreal to see such high quality competition in person. Shout out Connor and Austin!
What is your go to tip for disc golf beginners?
I'm going to be harsh here and say your form is not as good as you think it is. I spent so long thinking that I had great form and that it was the discs fault or I just needed to tweak one little thing and I'd be throwing 500 feet. No. I just stunk and needed to work on everything from the ground up. Be humble and slow it down until you get it.
If you could play any course in the world and bring along any 3 disc golf friends, where and who would it be?
Would it be cliche to say Maple Hill? I haven't been playing long enough to have an interesting answer but the variety that Maple Hill offers is just awesome. But I'm defitnely brining Torin, Beau and Jake
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2ndJoey DarbyshireTribeOkthrowberfestC TierAmateur2023-10-22
2ndJoey DarbyshireTribeOkthrowberfestC TierAmateur2023-10-22
1stJoey DarbyshireTribeCarnaby CrushC TierAmateur2023-08-20
1stJoey DarbyshireTribeWA OpenB TierAmateur2023-08-25
1stJoey DarbyshireTribeWA OpenB TierAmateur2023-08-25

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