Team RPM

Disc Golf Aotearoa Ltd is the head company behind RPM Discs and as a small Kiwi owned business. We have decided that our best method of growing the brand is by making great discs and getting them into the hands of great people. Our team consists of touring team players and brand ambassadors. 

RPM gear for the team

This is where you can get your branded RPM team gear.

Introducing the Team

Touring Team players

Every year RPM selects and announces our team. Currently we have 25 players from 7 countries. We support a variety of levels and divisions but the emphasis is on players that compete on national and international tours. Follow the link to learn more about our team players

Brand Ambassadors

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with amazing individuals and companies who go out of their way to support RPM. These people we are proud to have as our Ambassadors and very grateful for their support.

Sponsored Players



Divisions supported

RPM discs supports local and international disc golf growth through the people behind the sport

If you are interested in becoming a member of Team RPM click on the questionaire link below.

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