Take at look at our unique New Zealand designed and produced range of Disc Sports products and accessories.

Huge range of Discs

RPM’s range of discs are designed for all levels of players from casual play on the beach discs through to professional levels competition discs. We have discs for all formats and we are constantly innovating and manufacturing new models so keep an eye out for our latest products.

Disc Golf Baskets

RPM offers a range of baskets to suit your needs, from our light weight portable ‘DiscMate’ for quick course setup or personal home practise to our championship PDGA approved Heavy duty ‘Helix’ and more.

Disc Golf Bag

Disc Golf Bags

RPM are new to bags so the range is small but growing. RPM aim to provide bags for all levels of players. Keep an eye out for when we add new products to this category.

About our plastic

Click here to learn more about our plastic and why we mould our discs in so many different types.