The pursuit of mastering flying discs is in our nature.

We at RPM Discs & Koru Disc Parks are on a mission to enhance Kiwis lives by getting them back out into nature where they belong. Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and has been in New Zealand as early as the 1970’s. In this time permanent courses have slowly made their way into our local and regional parks and gardens.

Currently there are over 25 permanent courses throughout NZ and in the 2015 at least 5 new courses went in. As well as being a fantastic way to get exercise and have fun Disc Golf is played professionally and competitively even in NZ. The NZ Disc Golf National Tour started in 2001 and there were well over 200 people who played in 2015 on the tour. Check out to see the events and the results.

Koru Disc Parks have been responsible for the design and installation of 5 Permanent first class Disc Golf courses and numerous temporary courses used for competitions. Our Baskets and Discs are made to the highest standards and approved by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) for championship use.

We have baskets in over 30 courses in NZ, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and the Pacific islands. Our services extent from a simple free consultation through to complete turnkey solution. Our Staff are experienced disc golfers who have travelled extensively playing and competing on the best courses in the world.

Please feel free to Visit us at our HQ in Auckland the address is 428A Great North Rd, down a driveway beside a car dealer. The open hours for the shop is 10am – 3pm Mon to Fri.