Putt & Approach


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The Tākapu is RPM’s bead-less stable Putt and Approach disc. The Tākapu comes in 5 different plastic types and with many effects.


The RPM Tākapu is molded in 5 standard plastic types and with many colours and effects. It is PDGA approved to 176g. The Tākapu has a slow and very stable flight with a gentle late fade. The bead-less rim and rounded nose fits perfectly into your hand and helps eliminate wobble. When thrown with high power they will hold their line like a laser beam. The Magma and Strata varieties feel silky and grippy and Magma comes in 3 grades of stiffness. With a similar depth to the Ruru, they make great putters. Watch the videos above to see our disc expert, Jackson Sullivan, review the Tākapu.

    • Model #: PA3
    • PDGA Approved: Yes
    • Diameter: 212mm
    • Weight: 150-176g
    • Speed: 2
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 2
    • Plastic types: Strata / Cosmic / Atomic / Magma / Glow