Premium Seconds

Overweight discs and x outs

Seconds discs are not available for international shipping. Please email if you want more information.

Premium Seconds Discs

US$10.56 excl GST

In stock

Product Quantity Price per Unit
3 - 9 US$13.05
10+ US$10.00

In product notes please tell us what second discs you want. Eg, preferred disc model, colour, weight, plastic type.

RPMs full range of second discs – overweight discs and x outs. Limited colours available. We will try our best to match your preferences, but not all options are always available. We will contract you if your requests are not possible. With a bulk lot of 10 discs you will get an assortment of plastics.

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RPM Discs have a variety of seconds that we sell at a reduced rate. Typically these will have minor imperfections or miss stamps and in the case of the over weights they will be generally be perfectly moulded but outside the PDGA allowable weight range. This means they can not be used in a PDGA sanctioned event. You may specify in the notes your preferences in terms of what disc you want, however please note not all options are always available. With a bulk lot 10 discs you will get an assortment of plastics.  A set of 10 discs is usually one disc from each of our molds. Glow discs not included.


Overwight second discs are not approved for PDGA sanctioned events!