Team RPM Ambassador

Team Ambassador consists of our most loyal and trusted ambassadors for our brand.
They have been with us through thick and thin.

Team RPM Tribe

Team Tribe is the backbone of RPM, the largest part of the RPM family, and our most avid supporters and promoters.
Tribe is a plural for Kiwi.

Team RPM Crown

Team Crown is RPM’s elite team.
Made up of our best competitors and valued ambassadors for our brand.
Crown is a plural for Kotare.

Team RPM Parliament

Team Parliament is RPM’s performance team.
Made up of aspiring players who are serious about their disc golf career and striving for greatness.
Parliament is a plural for Ruru.

Team RPM Junior

Team Junior is our under 12 year old team.
These young disc golfers are very passionate and striving for greatness!

Team RPM