Helix Basket


Introducing the RPM Helix Disc Golf Basket, our premium basket with our unique ‘wine-glass’ design.



Introducing the RPM Helix Disc Golf Basket, our premium basket with our unique ‘wine-glass’ design. Some would say the most ‘beautiful’ disc golf basket on the market. RPM has been making baskets for over 15 years and continues to innovate in search of the perfect design. Here are some of the latest key features employed.

1) The chain supporting spokes are a Z shape which not only adds strength but also provides the perfect sliding angle to help absorb the disc impact. Two sets of 12 chains are supported.

2) The Helix shape is form and function, when we made the Wine Glass basket we produced a stronger design the looked good and provided a deep ‘bucket’ to hold the discs. Moving the 8mm Wire to the exterior of the basket spokes gave two benefits; A) the discs could no longer skip off the internal rings B) It added a sculptural form meaning for the non disc golfer the proportions and shape were pleasing to look at in a public park. The only downside is they are slightly larger for shipping and a bit harder to make.

3) The outer and inner chain sets connect to their own centre rings, however there is a tether between the two chain rings which provides a deeper ‘belly’ for the outer chains and some additional mass to absorb disc impact into the chains.

4) Reduced diameter of the chain rings means the deflection angle of the inner and outer chain set directs the discs down and not out!

5) 3mm Wall thickness of the centre pole means it is very strong and harder for Vandals to bend.

Presenting a flawless synergy of art and practicality, this basket would enhance any disc golf course.

Options: Fully welded or 4-piece portable with free-standing adjustable base, ground sleeve and Extender pole if you would like to use a free standing setup with a ground sleeve.

Material: Standard construction Hot dip Galvanised steel with Powder Coated as an option
Weight: 32kg
PDGA Approved: Yes
Overall height: 1.6m
In-ground depth: 600mm

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