Alex Martin
Team Tribe

Disc Golf Career

Started Disc Golf in 2018

How did you discover Disc Golf?

I discovered disc golf through a Facebook group. Just watching the discs fly made it special.

What is your proudest Disc Golf moment?

Proudest moment ever was getting my first ace throwing backhand, but I'm more predominantly a sidearm thrower

What are your practice routines?

Putting is always the hardest and Putting for about 20 minutes a day. Also field work with drivers maybe once or twice a week

What is your go-to tip for beginners?

Ask for advice it's free . Go out and have fun

Favourite Disc

Plastic Type: Atomic
Comment: "The huia is my favorite disc for forehand shots especially where I live in wellington with the wind . "

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Player Stats

PDGA Number 121045

Highest Rating 901

Primary Throwing Hand Right

The best part of the day is called disc golf
Favourite Disc Golf Quote

Alex Martin, Born 1975