Elvin Gustafsson
Team Tribe

Disc Golf Career

Started Disc Golf in 2022

How did you discover Disc Golf?

When my friend took me out to the course. Finally seeing the disc go where i wanted it to.

What is your proudest Disc Golf moment?

Winning a local tour in the junior division was my proudest moment.

What are your practice routines?

I practise putting for about 40 minutes a day and then i drive in to a net for 20 minutes now in the winter. in the summer i play every day.

What is your go-to tip for beginners?

Throw putters and midranges.

Favourite Disc

Plastic Type: Glow
Comment: "Its hard to chose just one but the glow kotoku is so nice and once it beats in it gets even better!"

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Player Stats

PDGA Number 237228

Highest Rating 841

Career Wins 5

Primary Throwing Hand Right

"one more"
Favourite Disc Golf Quote

Elvin Gustafsson, Born 2010