Jenna Jiaxin Tan
Team Crown

Disc Golf Career

Started Disc Golf in 2018

How did you discover Disc Golf?

I first heard about disc golf from my boyfriend (now husband). He brought me to a disc golf course near my university campus for our first date. At first, I would just go with him and try to throw a couple of shots, but after a while, I was hooked. It gave me a sense of accomplishment to see my disc flying farther and going where I had hoped it would go (Well, some of the time... lol).

What is your proudest Disc Golf moment?

Winning the Singapore National Championship in my third trimester (with my caddy in my tummy).

What are your practice routines?

I will do putting and distance practice like most of the players. However, I genuinely believe that the upper body workout did improve my strength and endurance. Besides that, I will also practice my up-shot half of the distance from the tee pad to the basket, then try to make every shot in 2.

What is your go-to tip for beginners?

Take unsolicited advice with a grain of salt. Throw, throw, and throw again... Remember the fun feeling you are having as a beginner, and never let that fade away as you become more serious. Fun is the name of the game!!

Favourite Disc

Plastic Type: Atomic
Comment: "I can always rely on my pekapeka (atomic), throw it flat, throw it with hyzer, throw it with confidence. Great disc for different situations. "

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Player Stats

PDGA Number 118261

Highest Rating 880

Career Wins 27

Primary Throwing Hand Right

Score should never define a person and their potential. Because our potential is always growing.
Favourite Disc Golf Quote

Jenna Jiaxin Tan, Born 1991