Matt Garrett
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Disc Golf Career

Started Disc Golf in 2018

How did you discover Disc Golf?

I grew up playing ball golf, and being very active. During a hard time of my life, i had to quit my job to help take care of my grandparents. My family helped with bills and would come by and give me small breaks. I quickly spent way too much money on random video games and whatnot. A friend suggested to buy a few disc and try a course a few minutes away from my grandparents house. I fell in love the first hole! My grandfather, also a big ball golfer, loved to hear about disc golf and how it compared to the game he knew and loved. Years later I still act like a hyped up 7 year old each time I get to play a round. A disc in my hand is still the same release all these years later, it's home.

What is your proudest Disc Golf moment?

My first PDGA win! Even though it was a one round flex start, was my highest rated round at the time and just felt great to achieve the win.

What are your practice routines?

Resistance band stretching, wow you woukd be surprised how well tmyou play when your body can move and bend in every way it needs to for a power shot or a odd "straddle behind the tree leg sticky out" putt

What is your go-to tip for beginners?

Start with lower speeds and work on every shot. Maybe don't even go above a 10 speed for the first year or two of playing. I would have learned a lot more and developed my skills better if the first disc I threw wasn't a 13 speed Nuke. And throw putters!

Favourite Disc

Plastic Type: Atomic
Comment: "The pekapeka is the most controllable and reliable fairway driver in my bag. Any angle out of the hand for any arm speed this disc is a must have in the bag!"

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Player Stats

PDGA Number 208620

Highest Rating 868

Career Wins 1

Primary Throwing Hand Right

That shot would have been perfect, if it didn't eat that tree.
Favourite Disc Golf Quote

Matt Garrett, Born 1991