Sarah O’Shannessy
Team Tribe

Disc Golf Career

Started Disc Golf in 2019

What is your proudest Disc Golf moment?

My proudest moment by far would be being the Australian Disc Golf Tour points champion for 2022. I was also incredibly proud to retain the Queensland Disc Golf Tour Points champion for 2023 against some tough competition.

What are your practice routines?

I try to make sure I put in about 30 min of putting practice each day and field work as many days a week as possibly.

What is your go-to tip for beginners?

Learn your discs and how they perform for you. Practice consistency and don't try to throw overly hard to improve distance, it will come with time. Spend plenty of time working on your putting, being confident in your put will save you extra shots in the long run.

Favourite Disc

Plastic Type: Cosmic
Comment: "I have two Piwakawakas that I love. A light weight atomic and a standard cosmic I never play a round without them both in my bag they are definitely my go to discs that I get a good amount of glide from. "

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Player Stats

PDGA Number 215460

Highest Rating 673

Career Wins 10

Primary Throwing Hand Right

A good day starts with coffee and Disc Golf
Favourite Disc Golf Quote

Sarah O’Shannessy, Born 1977