Barrett White

Signature Pekapeka

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Signature Disc: Barrett White

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Barrett White is a top Pro RPM Parliament player, who is inspiration to many woman around the world. In her disc golf career, she has played over 400 recorded PDGA events and won an outstanding 257 of them (as of 10/2022). Barrett has been a mighty ambassador for RPM Discs, and we are proud to reveal her signature disc stamp: a koru of Pekapeka.

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Barrett White’s comments:

“So excited to announce the release of my signature Pekapeka! Thanks so much RPM Discs for this! I am beyond grateful for this honor and am proud to represent Team RPM. The discs are beautiful and fly like a dream. Thank you Keith, Simon, and Jackson for this honor. Humbled and grateful.”

Barrett White Player Spotlight

Barrett White claimed a MASSIVE win at the US Women’s Championships Major event this June (FP50+). 14 shots ahead with a 8 under par, Barrett’s rounds averaged 930 rating. Five days prior, Barrett also took out the Wisco Disco B Tier tournament with a 6 stroke lead in the FP40+ division. On the 11th and 18th of June, Barrett placed second in both Dellwood and the Masters of Canyons (FP40+), and, the Greater Milwaukee Open (FPO).

As of today, Barrett has played 400 PDGA tournaments in her Disc Golf career, and won 255 of them. She is a phenomenal player, an inspiration and we will be seeing a lot more of her, including her competing in the FP40+ division at the PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships Major tournament on the 12th of July.

This season, Barrett also received a special RPM Discs signature stamp, a Koru of Pekapeka, which is available for purchase.

About the Pekapeka

Pekapeka Professional Review & Information


The RPM Pekapeka is an understable fairway driver that will allow players to work the disc from left to right as a (right hand backhanded player, visa versa for lefties), hyzer flip down narrow corridors and lay down rollers when required. The small convex shaped rim is comfortable to hold and will be ideal for beginners. Intermediate and advanced players will also find good uses for this disc and it will become a mainstay in most peoples bags.


      • Model #: DGFD2
      • PDGA Approved: Yes
      • Diameter: 212mm
      • Weight: 155-176g
      • Speed: 9
      • Glide: 6
      • Turn: -3
      • Fade: 1
      • Plastic types: Strata / Cosmic / Atomic / Glow


Pekapeka is the Māori name for the New Zealand long-tailed bat, New Zealand’s only native land mammal.

They roost and raise their young in tree cavities and occasionally caves. The Pekapeka is part of the microbat suborder and they use echolocation (very high-pitched sounds mostly above the range of human hearing) to navigate. The sounds they make are reflected back, and they use these reflections to locate and avoid objects in their path and to hunt. For this reason the Pekapeka will be able to navigate through those dark tightly wooded fairways with ease. 

What does the Pekapeka sound like?

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