Signature Tākapu: Jackson & Levi

Signature Tākapu

Signature Tākapu Atomic: Jackson & Levi

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RPM present a commemorative Winners Tribute 2021-2022 season disc, celebrating both the North Island Champ Jackson Sullivan, and the South Island Champ Levi Stout. A percentage of the proceeds from each disc go to the players to aid in their touring costs.

About the Tākapu

The RPM Tākapu is molded in 5 standard plastic types and with many colours and effects. It is PDGA approved to 176g. The Tākapu has a slow and very stable flight with a gentle late fade. The bead-less rim and rounded nose fits perfectly into your hand and helps eliminate wobble. When thrown with high power they will hold their line like a laser beam. The Magma and Strata varieties feel silky and grippy and Magma comes in 3 grades of stiffness. With a similar depth to the Ruru, they make great putters. Please note some images are examples only and may not be available for purchase.

    • Model #: PA3
    • PDGA Approved: Yes
    • Diameter: 212mm
    • Weight: 150-176g
    • Speed: 2
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 0
    • Fade: 2
    • Plastic types:  Atomic
The Tākapu, or Gannet in English, is a stable putt and approach disc in the RPM range. In the wild, the tākapa has bold colours, rakish lines, and a wing span of almost two metres. Gannets are not only among the most elegant of birds but are also masters of the wind and attack their prey with the upmost precision. These birds are plunge divers and spectacular fishers, plunging into the ocean at high speed. They eat mainly squid and forage fish that school near the surface. The species faces few natural or man-made threats, and since its population is growing it is considered to be a least-concern species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).