Ladies and Gent’s!

We at RPM Discs are proud to bring a new mold to our line up, the Kea.

The Kea is a small diameter, over stable Mid Range. Perfect for shorter accurate predictable drives off the Tee or up shots that you need to fight wind and hit the green with ease.
Very suitable for fore hand drives / upshots and full powered backhands that you can really rely on.
You will find a place in your bag for the Kea as it’s so versatile for a variety of shots the course may throw at you. Bag the KEA and you’ll have the perfect option to throw back at it!
The Kea is a parrot species only found in New Zealand and is known for being a very smart tactical Bird. We think the Kea name suits our new mid perfectly as it will help you find the best route to the basket in any conditions. Let the Kea attack the green for you and you may just get the bird!

Available in our Atomic , Cosmic and Magma plastic.

Flight numbers:
5 . 3 . 0 . +3