(Originally published by Jackson Sullivan, May 18)

Piwakawaka/Arcturus (MR1) & Raptor/Taniwha/Kiwi (DGD1)

This article is to clarify confusion that some people may have about our Piwakawaka (MR1) (previously under the name Arcturus), and also the Kiwi (DGD1) (previously under the name Raptor & Taniwha) not being PDGA approved.

The older versions of the discs were hot stamped the Arcturus and Raptor respectively, when the PDGA changed the identification rules we embossed the disc dies with model numbers MR1 and DGD1 so any Raptor, Taniwha, Kiwi or other custom stamped disc that has the embossed model number DGD1 or any Arcturus etc with MR1 on the underside is PDGA approved under Disc Golf Aotearoa as the manufacturer.


So to clarify here are all our PDGA approved discs as of 1/12/18.

DGD1 = Kiwi formerly (Taniwha & Raptor) approved as of 23/08/06.

MR1 = Piwakawaka. formerly (Arcturus) approved as of 23/08/06

DGD2 = Kahu approved as of  28/01/15

MR2  = Kea approved as of 26/02/18

PA1 = Tui approved as of 23/08/06

PA2 = Ruru approved as of 29/12/16

Also our Super Class / Recreational Discs

RU1 = New Zealand 175g Ultimate Disc  approved as of 23/08/06

DGR1 = Rippa approved as of 22/06/07

DGR2 = Temoko approved as of 23/08/06.


Hope this helps clear any misunderstanding up. All of our discs are PDGA Approved and we hope you can enjoy them as much as we do !

See you on the course