I’m one of those sucked into the vortex of disc golf by the global pandemic. Sure I started playing ultimate frisbee about 20 years ago but overlooked its disc golf cousin. That’s because disc golf didn’t involve running (so far, the only time I’ve broken into a sprint during a round was running from a rogue cow looking to possibly avenge the death of its friends). Plus, back in 2001 disc golf in New Zealand had a reputation as being a pastime for fat old men and stoners.

So 2020 rocks up to the tee pad and throws us a Covid curveball that shuts gyms, stops us playing team sports and attempts to add a few pounds to everyone’s waistline. But disc golf saves the day and the lockdown blues.

Infact, in the past year the sport has seen a resurgence in participants around the world. I got my hands on some RPM discs, saw a basket shimmering in the distance at McLaren Falls  Park and launched into what has now become a mild obsession.

Carrying this new pastime around saw me quickly graduate from a Lululemon tote to a bespoke disc golf shoulder bag.  However, over the past few months the number of golf discs I’ve acquired have amassed into growing colourful towers of plastic covering all available surfaces in our spare room.

Plus, I am a Gemini so making a decision on which discs to take with me during a round usually involves a conversation in my head that goes something like this:

Twin A: Go on take that extra really light flippy disc, there’s no wind today!

Twin B: You dope, it’s Waitawa.

Twin A: Ohhh look at the pretty colours on that disc, it should go in the bag

Twin B: That Kotuku disc is great for my forehand, go on, take it!

And so it goes on.

We’re going to need a bigger bag, I said to the gleaming plastic towers in my spare room. This year, I discovered the RPM Discs disc golf bag Tahi Iti and I’ll give you three reasons why it might be perfect for you too.


My accountant has already alerted me to the fact that the words ‘disc golf’ seem to crop up many times in my monthly bank statements and they’re not tax deductible. Sigh. The RPM Discs disc golf bag Tahi Iti is one of the cheapest you’ll find on the market at just $95NZD. Under $100 is pretty hard to beat and compared to others, the RPM disc golf bag gets the thumbs up from other disc golf suppliers in New Zealand. Watch out for this bag’s bigger brother, RPM Discs Tahi Nui being launched mid 2021.


I haven’t quite been in the sport of disc golf for a year yet and didn’t feel like I wanted to commit $200-$300 for a disc golf bag. RPM Discs Tahi Iti was a step up for me from a shoulder bag, giving me more room – I fit 18 discs below & can fit a couple of my Ruru putters in the top pocket.

I also get a heap more features from this bag that my previous shoulder bag didn’t have. A mesh side pocket to store my mini discs, two water bottle holders, a hidden side pocket that’s perfect for keys or your cell phone and the pencil/scorecard holders on the other side that also fit lip balm/sunscreen. There’s also the D ring at the top to clip on a towel or keys.

Of course, you may not be new to the sport but still want a disc golf bag that’s affordable & still has plenty of room for your disc golfing essentials.


One of my requirements for a disc golf bag was that I didn’t want to look like a five-year-old on their first day of school with an oversized backpack that could topple them over any second. I don’t have particularly wide shoulders, so I was keen on a smaller width bag and that’s why the RPM Discs Tahi Iti disc golf backpack is perfect for me. It feels very comfy with the padded mesh shoulder straps and padded areas at the back that sit on your shoulder blades and lower back.

There’s also a chest strap should you need it and a robust chunky padded handle on the top of the bag to easily pick it up in one hand. I went for grey but you’ve also got the choice of a vivid green.

The RPM Discs Tahi Iti disc golf bag hasn’t solved my burgeoning disc golf collection at home, but I now load it up with more than enough discs, all my paraphernalia and head out confident I have everything I need.