Levi Stout #118179

Player Information:

Country: New Zealand

Birth Year: 2006

Started Playing Disc Golf in: 2017

Career Wins: 15

Highest PDGA Rating: 988

Team: Parliament


Tournament Details:

Position: 1st Place

Tournament: The Hyzlander https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53956#MPO 

Tier: C

Division: MPO


Tournament Details:

Position: 1st Place

Tournament: The Southern Smash (South Island Champs NZ) https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/53239#MPO 

Tier: B

Division: MPO

The 2022 Disc Golf season has started with a bang for Levi Stout, as he takes the MPO division head on for the first time, despite being a junior. In the South Island of New Zealand, Levi has already claimed two MPO first place victories with The Hyzlander Tournament, as well as the South Island Championships (The Southern Smash)- shooting 22 and 12 under par. 

Levi’s comments on the tournaments:

The Hyzlander –

Going into the Hyzlander I felt well prepared in every aspect, and enjoyed the course again. In the first round, I kept fairly clean and made a late charge to shoot a 1044 rated -14, giving me a 5 shot lead going into the second round. The Hyzlander course is one of my favourites, proving tight gaps and open bomber holes with elevation mixed in. In the second round, I started strong, but couldn’t pull together the same late round charge, still shooting a 1005 rated -8. Overall, very solid start to the season.”

 The Southern Smash – 

“The 2nd tour event for the calendar year and South Islands, worth 60 points! 1 round in, I found myself bogey free and shooting a hot 1017 rated -7. This put me at a 4 shot advantage over the field. My 2nd round was a touch lackluster, carding 4 bogeys to shoot a -2, placing me at a 4 shot lead going into the final round. The final round was tense and tight, as I lost 4 shots to Isaac Howard within the first 2 holes, as he started -4 through 4, while I went +2 through 2. I managed to get back in the game, and pull together my first major win. The Golf course and Disc Golf Course combo is always fun, testing out a combination of open holes and some tighter touchy holes. One of my favourite tournaments this year, starting strong.”

A massive congratulations on your two big wins on behalf of Team RPM, Levi. Keep up the amazing performance!

Photos of Levi in action:

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