Noah Osborne #77277

Player Information:

Country: United States

Birth Year: 1991

Started Playing Disc Golf in: 1996

Career Wins: 15

Highest PDGA Rating: 1016

Team: Parliament


Tournament Details:

Position: 1st Place

Tournament: Premier Design: Rogersville Ice Bowl and Chilli Cookoff! 

Tier: C

Division: MPO

Noah Osborne is Team Parliament’s top rating player, holding a rating of above 1000 for 4 consecutive years. Having been introduced to Disc Golf when he was 5, he now plays with his kids, particularly his son who has also acquired a taste for Disc Golf and the RPM plastic.

On the 5th Feb 2022, Noah took out the Premier Design: Rogersville Ice Bowl and Chili Cookoff! tournament with style, shooting 27 under par. With us he shared a few comments on his performance:

Noah’s comments on the tournament:

The highlight of the day was my putting percentage. Overall I was around 85%, which is amazing considering the lack of practice. My most used disc was the Cosmic Kea. Lots of wind and terrain with most shots around 250-300 feet.

The biggest challenge for me was getting used to playing again. With less than 5 rounds since August 2021, I had to figure things out quickly.

The winning shot was more of a 4 hole stretch. I bogied Hole 15 to bring another competitor within 1 of the lead. Then I parked 16 and 17 to give myself some breathing room. Hole 18 is 400 feet with a gusting head wind and I had to be close to secure victory. Pulled out my trusty Kotare and parked it for the win.”

Key Featured Discs:

Cosmic Kea

The ‘trusty’ Kotare

A big congratulations on behalf of Team RPM for your impressive win, Noah. We love to see your enthusiasm and spirit towards the sport and to life. Keep up the great work!

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