Jenna Jiaxin Tan had two back to back wins this June. The first tournament, Out of Bounds, Jenna won first place in the FPO with a 10 stroke lead Eagle! Seven days later, at the Tanjong Rhu Flex Fun tournament, she shot 7 over par on an unfamiliar course in Singapore. So far for 2022, Jenna has secured four 1st places to add to her PDGA career wins.

Jenna’s comments on the events:

“The past few months have been great for disc golf in this region (Singapore) and I was fortunate enough to play in 3 events so far.

After more than two years with my home country’s border locked, the government finally announced that it would open in April. That was perfect timing, as it matched up well with the start of the disc golf season in Southeast Asia.
The first major tournament of the season was the Johor State Disc Golf Championships in May. The tournament had players that represented a variety of countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, USA, France, Germany, Canada and Cameroon). Any event that has a diverse and international mix of players is always quite exciting and brings in the nerves as well. My personal goal for the event was to shoot a 900 or better round and get the FPO win. I was able to achieve both goals by shooting a 922 rated round which paved the way for the win. This event I leaned on my beautiful, pink, Pekapeka off the tee and from the fairway for almost 70% of my shots. My confidence with this disc is the highest I have ever had with ANY disc (RPM or other company). The glide is so reliable, and I feel I can really shape the flight of this disc, which is something I have personally struggled with in the past.

In June, I competed in two events (Out of Bounds) in Malaysia and (Tanjong Rhu Flex Fun) in Singapore. The Out of Bounds Tournament had 12 females playing across two divisions (FPO & FA1). Any event that has a good representation of ladies playing is always really fun for me. There was a 75 meter island hole that required players to throw at least 60 meters to make the island. For many newer players and many of the females in FA1, it’s VERY difficult to get that distance accurately. As expected, many of the ladies in FA1 were NOT making the island during the event, and I could see the disappointment on their faces. However, after the tournament finished, one of the girls asked me which disc I was using to get the distance to make the island. That is when I introduced her to (once again) my go to, Pekapeka. The poor girl was using a really high speed driver that she did not have the arm strength for, and it was just hyzering out directly from her hand. I showed her how to release the Cosmic Plastic Pekapeka flat, and let the under-stability take over to get that “S” flight for some much needed extra distance. After about 5 throws she successfully made the island, not once, but twice, and I could see the excitement and love for disc golf return to her face. The FPO win for the event was great, but I would say the fun and camaraderie with so many fun people stole the show for this one.

I followed up the “Out of Bounds” tournament with a tournament in Singapore the following week “Tanjong Rhu Flex Fun”. It was great to get out of Malaysia and play a new course with many new faces. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to practice the course before the event and went into the tournament blind, which showed a bit as I shot a bit under my player rating. However, my card mates (a mix of different divisions) were all very friendly and made the event feel almost like a casual round due to how relaxed and social everyone was. The entire disc golf community in Singapore is very welcoming and friendly, and for this reason I will be stamping my passport again this summer with another Singapore tournament I am planning to play.”

Featured Disc:

Jenna’s go-to cosmic pink Pekapeka – “The glide is so reliable, and I feel I can really shape the flight of this disc.”

Big congratulations on behalf of Team RPM, Jenna, keep up the great work.

Jenna Jiaxin Tan #118261

Player Information:

Country: Malaysia

Birth Year: 1991

Started Playing Disc Golf in: 2018

Career Wins: 12

Highest PDGA Rating: 867

Team: Parliament


Tournament Details:

Position: 1st Place

Tournament: Out of Bounds

Tier: C

Division: FPO


Position: 1st Place

Tournament: Tanjong Rhu Flex Fun

Tier: C

Division: FPO

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