Hayley Flintoft has had three consecutive wins this season in Disc Golf, claiming first place at the Lords & Ladies of Lismore [FPO] tournament in May, and Sub Zero and The Timaru Tūkauati [FPO] in June. Since 2016, Hayley has now got an impressive total of 44 career wins under her belt.

Hayley’s comments on the events:

“Stoked to be feeling more and more myself every tournament I’ve played this year. Still not physically back to how I was before becoming a mama but steadily on the way back to fighting form! We don’t get much of a warm up these days, making sure that our son is happy and full of milk as close to tee off as possible, so all this considered I’m very pleased to have three consecutive wins under my belt this year.

Lords of Lismore was epic, the Wanaka and Vortica crew always put on a great tournament. My favourite hole was 25, it was a blind straight shot from out in the open and back into the trees and it seemed made for the piwakawaka; I put my platinum piwak in the circle for a birdie every time.

Sub Zero at Omarama run by Generation disc golf was adventurous given that it was during the biggest snowfall I’ve seen for a long time! I had a highlight on hole 3, a very tight tunnel shot through two rows of trees, and with a solid left to right breeze coming through. I lined up a roller around the outside with my pekapeka just for fun and nailed it perfectly to park it just behind the basket for an easy birdie.

The Timaru Tukauati run by CSD design was awesome as well, over three days and three courses! I felt like I reconnected with my form a lot from this tourney because there was so much golf, it was beautiful weather too which was a nice contrast from the previous tourney. I improved every round and had my sights dialled in on the last day, so my highlight from that was my putting on that final round- my magma tuis were hitting chains so easily!!

My workhorse discs from all three tourneys were the same, off the tee it’s either one of two atomic pekapeka’s, I have a really flippy one and a more stable one, or a 132g strata kahu, which is epic (especially in a snow storm when nothing wants to go very far at all), my stable ish platinum piwakawaka is my go to straight mid, or my custom dyed pearl ruru for closer up shots, and my med magma tui’s to putt. The takapu went straight in the bag too, excellent new addition!! Before I got a lightweight Kahu, I was messaging Jacko and he told me that they had made a run of them (I’ve been waiting to hear that for ages!) and I asked him if he’d thrown one.

He said yeah he’d thrown a 144g one yesterday….

How was it I asked?!!

He said it was still flying! 😂

If you like lightweight discs I highly recommend them they are awesome!”

Key Featured Discs:

    Big congratulations on behalf of Team RPM, Hayley, keep up the great work and good luck in your upcoming tournaments!

    Hayley Flintoft #83693

    Player Information:

    Country: New Zealand

    Birth Year: 1985

    Started Playing Disc Golf in: 2015

    Career Wins: 44

    Highest PDGA Rating: 916

    Team: Parliament


    Tournament Details:

    Position: 1st Place

    Tournament: Sub Zero https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/59063#FPO 

    Tier: C

    Division: FPO


    Position: 1st Place

    Tournament: The Timaru Tūkauati https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/59177#FPO 

    Tier: C

    Division: FPO

    Cheers RPM and Vortica!! Thanks to my amazing partner Kyle and massive thanks to my mates Julie and Jezza and my Mum for babysitting the young fella!! Couldn’t do it without you guys!!

    Hayley Flintoft

    Team RPM Parliament

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