Bryce Kraushar was a new acceptance into Team RPM June this year and already he is making quite a mark! In July, Bryce played three tournaments. performing exceptionally in each. In MPO division of DGM Manitoba Provincials, Bryce placed first with a 24 under par, 5 strokes up on his compeition. Fresh into the tournament, Bryce threw an exception round rating of 1026 and in the final round, he threw a rating of 1015. The second tournament, Canada Day Weekend Sanctioned Doubles, Bryce competed with his wife to take out first place in the mixed division with a 3 stroke lead of 1 under par. And in an A-tier tournament, competing in the MPO against 28 other players, Bryce placed fourth, shooting 19 under par.

Bryce has been quickly improving – his rating having increased from 924 at the start of this year, to 959 as of August 9th. Definitely a player to follow. Read below for Bryce’s own comments on his performance this July.

Bryce’s comments on the tournaments:

“The first tournament was the 2022 DGM Manitoba Provincials. This tournament meant so much to me because it was my first MPO win of my career. I ended up averaging a 1002 rating over four rounds and beat some excellent players that I do not think I would of had a chance beating a few months ago. The support I had from the Manitoba disc golf community after I won was amazing! We have so many amazing people that do so much to grow the game in Manitoba and I can’t thank them enough.

The second tournament that I competed in was a doubles tournament [Canada Day Weekend Sanctioned Doubles]. This tournament also was very meaningful to me because I got to play with my wife, Melina Kraushar. It was her first tournament and she was very nervous, but she played amazing and we ended up winning the mixed division. It was so much fun playing and competing with her and I would do it again in a heart beat. What I remember most about that tournament is my wife hitting a 45ft putt for a birdie in the final round. I was so happy for her and way more excited than I have ever been for a big putt of mine.

The third tournament that I played in the month of July was the Northern Ontario Championship, which was the first A-tier tournament that I had been in this year. I was very nervous going into this tournament because the previous year in the same tournament I shot a 15 on a hole and ruined my entire tournament. I can laugh at it now but as you can imagine it was not fun at the time. I didn’t have high expectations, but I was thinking a top ten finish would be nice. I ended up averaging 991 golf and finished in 4th place. The most memorable part of that tournament was at the very end when I was sitting in 3rd place and watching Julian Quenneville take his final putt. He was walking down the fairway and yelled to me “Well Bryce, it comes down to this”. Julian ended up hitting a 45ft jump putt to beat me which I couldn’t be mad about, it was a great putt!

I am still learning and figuring out each RPM disc I received in my team pack. So far, my favourite and go to disc is the Kea. I love how overstable it is and how consistent it flys in all types of weather conditions. I also am really enjoying throwing the Piwakawaka. It’s a amazing understandable midrange that goes as far as most of my fairway driver.”

Featured Discs:

Congrats on an impressive month of disc golf, Bryce! We look forward to see you continue to improve your game (wouldn’t be surprised if your rating is over 1000 next year!) We hope your new RPM discs serve you well, and keep up the great work!

Bryce Kraushar #177262

Player Information:

Country: Canada

Birth Year: 1993

Started Playing Disc Golf in: 2021

Career Wins: 2

Highest PDGA Rating: 959

Team: Tribe


Tournament Details:

Position: 1st

Tournament: 2022 DGM Provincials 

Tier: C

Division: MPO


Position: 1st

Tournament: Canada Day Weekend Sanctioned Doubles 

Tier: C

Division: RAH


Position: 4th

Tournament: The Northern Ontario Championship 

Tier: A

Division: MPO

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