Eilish Cummack joined Team RPM Tribe eariler this year and since joining she has played 9 tournaments. As of July, Eilish has gone on a winstreak in the FA1 division claiming 5 first places and 1 second place. Just in August, Eilish competed in the WGE, the Midwinter Classic, and the Cold Snap Open. In the WGE, Eilish eagled for second place in the FA1 division, throwing a high round rating of 871. Eilish then came in first with 2 over par in the Midwinter Classic. In the Cold Snap Open she also came first place with a 1 over par and a 7 stroke lead.

Eilish’s comments on the tournaments:

“I had a very busy but successive August, managing to fit in 4 events.

The Women’s Global Event is a favourite of mine as it is awesome to see so many new women giving the sport a go. I was lucky enough to travel to Auckland to compete this year. This was my first time playing in Auckland and with the event attracting 53 participants it was so great to be a part of it. I had 2 awesome cards with people I had never played with before and I was very happy to come away with 2nd place overall.

Both the Mid-Winter Classic and the Cold Snap Open were part of the Black Ice Series held in Dunedin. These events were both held on regular golf courses and suited my game with long open holes. The Mid-Winter Classic was a good test of my mental game as I was tied for the lead right up until the last putt. Taking home the win in both of these events secured me the overall series win. The elevation of these courses was great practice and made for some entertaining roll aways.

The Paul McBeth Foundation NZ event was more of a social event. I was lucky enough to play with my fellow RPM junior teammate, Sarah Wadsworth. This was my first time playing a PGDA event at my local course, Jellie Park. I was excited to play the course under some pressure. I was tracking towards a PB until I triple putted hole 16. I still managed to shoot my highest rated round of the year though and it was nice to be supporting a great cause.

I was extremely grateful to be competing in these 4 events. In February this year I fractured my foot which was devastating as I was given a 6-month recovery time. I am now extremely happy to be back competing at the level I was prior to the injury, and I no longer take playing the game I love for granted.

The lead up to these 4 events was very different to usual. I was in the middle of organising my charity Throw Pink event, Make it Mawhero. Finding time to practice was difficult so I was pleased I was able to make this time count. It was difficult to go into these events with confidence, but I learnt to trust myself, my game and my discs.

My most relied on discs are the Kotuku. I currently bag 3 platinum kotukus with varying stabilities. It’s such a reliable disc for me. Straight flight with a dependable finish… it also helps that they are extremely pretty 🙂 The Pekapeka is another favourite of mine and gives easy distance with a reliable S curve. I also heavily rely on my Kea for upshots especially in windy conditions.

My favourite holes on the course are always those that challenge me, and I want to go back and master. One of the most challenging holes of the Black Ice Series in Dunedin, was hole 13 of the Cold Snap Open. It was 168 metres with 2 mandos, a tight fairway with OB and a water tanker guarding the basket. You had to play 3 perfect shots and a putt to reward yourself with a birdie.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months as I have some awesome tournaments coming up including the Bros for Chains presented by RPM Discs.”

Featured Discs:

Congratulations on behalf on RPM Discs, Eilish. You have had a very impressive season of Disc Golf despite recovering from an injury. We look forward to seeing you playing more around New Zealand. Keep it up!

Eilish Cummack #166676

Player Information:

Country: New Zealand

Started Playing Disc Golf in: 2020

Career Wins: 9

Highest PDGA Rating: 846

Team: Tribe


Tournament Details:

Position: 2nd

Tournament: WGE – Auckland, New Zealand https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/60110#FA1 

Tier: C

Division: FA1


Position: 1st

Tournament: Midwinter Classic https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/61766#FA1 

Tier: C

Division: FA1


Position: 1st

Tournament: Cold Snap Open https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/62377#FA1 

Tier: C

Division: FA1

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